Ministries of All Saints Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church Women                                Stewardship


Men's Group                                                    Bible Study


United Thank Offerring


Heifer Project


UTO Offering                Diocesan Lenten Projects 


Men’s Group Project - We would like to send a package to the servicemen from All Saints who are in Afghanistan. A collection is currently underway


Congratulations - To our All Saints family for filling the Heifer Project Quarter Tube for the sixth time!!  This is such a wonderful gift to those in need in the "third world countries" because it keeps on giving.  Let's see how fast we can fill up number 8!








Organizations of All Saints

Bishop's Committe:

The Rev. Roger Hungerford

John Slover, Senoir Warden

Mike Eddy

Michael Taylor

Dr. John Hildreth

Lisa Griffen

Doug Holmgren

Bobbie Jo Irish

Jim Sullivan, Junoir Warden

Robert Hand

Marsha Robison, Treasurer

Sue Erickson, Clerk


Other Church Leaders:


Senior Warden                  John Slover
Junior Warden                  Jim Sullivan
Clerk                                  Sue Erickson
Treasurer                           Marsha Robison
Organist                             John Hildreth
Altar Guild President       Lisa Griffin
ECW President                 Marsha Robison



Diocesan Officers From All Saints




Constitutions and Canons:


Fr. James Allemeier

Fr. Larry Larson

Atty. John Slover

Deputes to Provincial Synod


Lin Goldstone


Trustees of Funds and Property:


Atty, John Slover